About My Journey So Far

It was in my school days that I first learnt the joys of photography, being a member of the photography club, and even having to develop 35mm films! This was done using my first ever SLR camera, which was purchased for me by my father. A lot has happened since then. I went on to a career in the emergency services, during which I was involved in a work related accident, from which I received a fractured C Spine, whilst working for the Fire Service.

Fire Engine Wreckage from Surrey that I was pulled out of

As a result of the accident, I had no option but to leave my full time employment with the Fire Service. This meant that my life changed dramatically, and I had to find other ways to enjoy life. The one that really made a difference, was learning to fly and seeing the beauty of the world from a different angle.

I now also suffer from arthritis in my hands, knees and feet, a torn cartilage my left knee, so badly damaged that I am currently waiting for my knee replacement.  On top of that, since the accident, I have also had both hips replaced, making it even more difficult to get employment in any sectors that my disability does not limit, and that I am qualified for. This surgery which I am recovering from has in itself been uplifting, as it has relieved me of some of the pain and discomfort that I have been in.

After the traffic accident I lost my job, and slowly but surely my world began to fall apart. I was single, my Mother died when I was 23 (1991), and my Father was living in Kenya. Therefore to most extents, my family life was none existent. My family was my work friends, and within 6 years, I had moved around 6 times, seeking for happiness that did not seem to exist anymore. In December 2008, my Father moved back to the UK, However, the reunion was short lived as 3 weeks after his return home, on New Year’s Eve 2008, I lost my Father to Cancer.

Eventually I found my partner and I now have a family, and also a limited amount of friends to call my own. However, this has made the few friends I have, very special to me.

Of these friends, one stands out to me, who I came to know through my love of aviation. That is Lee Pirie of, 'Lee's Photography Online', who I have learnt lots from and turn he has inspired me, through both his passion, and his photographic ability, which has rekindled my love for photography. This has been further inspired by the angles I have seen the world, and, of course the joys of aviation photography.

This site, is to celebrate this rekindled passion for photography, in all its forms, and to help others to make moments to treasure along the way.